A Message From the Webmaster & Rod Benders Car Club:


To Our New Friends, Members & Spectators:

(And anyone else who may be unaware of the policies in place in regard to our agreement with Bear Mountain State Park in regard to weather related conditions and cancellations.)


I understand that it may be frustrating for the cruise to be cancelled in advance of bad weather, but please be aware that the Rod Benders team has to honor the agreement with Bear Mountain and if there is a serious chance of rain, our hands are tied. This event is a positive, family event put on by volunteers. We raise money for local charities and are thrilled to have so many people attend.


The decision to cancel due to weather related conditions must made by 12 noon so that we may publicize it online and also because set up of the event starts the morning of. Therefore, if the general weather report consensus is stating 85% chance of thunderstorms- it doesn’t matter what the sky looks like at 5pm, the decision has to be made by noon. Bear Mountain also requires we decide at this time as they must accommodate for their business, and so do our vendors and sponsors alike. Our food concessions are manned by state employees, our DJ- while local must be notified, our vendors (some come from out of state- weekly!) must be forewarned and notifies... we must decide in advance as there are many factors that contribute to the success of this event. It is not merely just getting into a vehicle and coasting to Bear Mountain. There are many working pieces to our event puzzle, and we must accommodate them all accordingly. 


Additionally, in the event the weather does change anytime from our noon cancellation to our regularly scheduled start time our event grounds are strictly off limits to anyone attempting to meet up, loiter, or convene. Anyone who does attempt to enter the park’s property in lieu of our cruise will be asked by Park Police to leave. I repeat, loitering on the state’s field, parking lots and property is strictly forbidden when our event is cancelled.


Please note the call to cancel the event, or proceed as planned utilizes the LOCAL weather reports. Therefore, it may be bright and sunny where you’re located, meanwhile serious thunderstorms may be forecasted for the Bear Mountain area. We must go by our locality. 


Even more frustrating, in some rare occasions we have previously been forced to cancel our event due to serious weather conditions that take place prior to our event. For example, should heavy rains persist over the weekend before our cruise, and result in excessive flooding of the Bear Mountain field we would be unable to hold our event given the condition of the grass. The property we hold the cruise on is loaned to us, and we must respect the state’s wishes and resources. We just can’t take a chance on compromising any potential ruin to the field, and parking on the grass in extremely muddy conditions would likely uproot the grass and destroy the field for the entirety of the summer season. 


As previously stated numerous times this is a volunteer run organization and event. This is not our job, nor do we get paid for all of the work that we put forth year round to bring this event to our local community.  Like you all, any cancellation, weather related or otherwise is not something we look forward to.  After proudly bringing this event to Bear Mountain State Park for 20 years, we would sincerely hope you all are aware of that already. It is absolutely imperative that we respect the decision of Bear Mountain State Park and maintain our end of the agreement in place so we can continue to bring you all this event we love. 


That being said, any unnecessary, snarky, rude, inappropriate, or negative comments posted on any of our social media sites will not be tolerated, irregardless how creative they may be.  This includes your screenshot of nice weather at 6pm, which is really and truly not as creative as you may think it is and doesn’t change any of the aforementioned policies and procedures we must follow. 


We thank you for your patronage, your patience, and your understanding. Here’s to hoping this summer is a sunny one. - Priscilla Young, Webmaster, Sponsorship Coordinator & Volunteer

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