The Rod Benders Car Club welcomes you

to the 2022 season of the Bear Mountain

Wednesday Night Car Cruise.


  • Our season commences this year on Wednesday, May 4, 2022.
  • The first two (2) weeks of the cruise- May 4 and May May 11, 2022 will take place exclusively on the back parking lot adjacent to the skating rink. 
  • All vehicles entering the park pay a $5 Park Entrance Fee after 4:00pm.  Rod Benders Car Club does not receive any part of this fee.

  • Any vehicles entering the event with any type of trailer (spectators and vendors alike) must submit the “Road Permit Application” located on our Facebook group, Facebook page and website to the state park. This application must be mailed or faxed IN ADVANCE of attending the event (please note, this request can take up to 2 weeks to process so anyone affected by this change must be diligent in submitting this ASAP). No exceptions will be made, by orders of Bear Mountain State Park.

  • A $45 seasonal club membership exempts members from the entrance fee.  This membership is available for all years of vehicles. You may register at the desk. We only accept cash and/or money order at this time. We hope to soon have an option for other electronic payments to be accepted. (Please note, there was a $5 increase effective for the 2019 season, as many supply costs have risen and we must be able to cover all costs to run the event so that we may continue to support the charities and local communities as we have in past seasons). 

  • Seasonal membership is required for all 2001 and newer vehicles to be on the field.  A $5 one night pass is also available for the newer vehicles but the $5 entrance fee will still be charged by the park.

  • Please park in rows as directed by our staff so we may maximize the number of cars on the show field (or parking lots).  Don’t drive onto the field to “reserve” a space. Please meet up outside the gate and drive in together if you want to park next to a particular vehicle or with your group or car club.

  • However, any clubs or groups interested in attending the event together (either on a weekly basis or for a particular night in question) may also reach out to Craig Young (by phone at 845-323-0083) to allow for arrangements to be made as we are happy to oblige with requests for clubs to have a pre-arranged parking location (as long as we are given advance notice).

  • Food and beverages are available from Guest Services™ which is not affiliated with Rod Benders Car Club.  Rod Benders Car Club receives NO money from the sale of food or beverages.

  • Show and cruise flyers are NOT to be placed in or on vehicles.  They may be handed out on the field or made available at the registration table.  Please do not hand flyers out while vehicles are entering the park and lining up to enter.

  • Anyone interested in being a sponsor or vendor in accordance with our car club or our event may contact our Sponsorship Coordinator, Priscilla Young at Please note, there are available options strictly for advertisement based or social media based sponsorship as well as many other a la carte options. You may download our sponsor and vendor PDF guidebook on our Facebook page, Facebook group or website for additional information.

  • If you need assistance go to the registration desk or ask one of our volunteers wearing an orange STAFF shirt.

  • Vendor spaces are $30 per week plus $5 Park entrance fee.  There are no reserved spaces, but you must park in the designated area.  Vendors should arrive no later than 5pm.

  • Your purchase of a 50/50 ticket helps us to continue making this car cruise possible.

  • Thank you for attending and enjoy the show!

Rod Benders Car Club of New York is a not for profit club staffed solely by volunteers.


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